Waiting on watercolors


We met with a financial advisor  a little more than a week ago. Aside from the normal questions about what we wanted our lifestyle to look like when we retire and our business goals for the next 3 to 20 years, there was one question that I haven’t been able to shake from my mind?

What are your hobbies?

Will was able to list a slew of things – and I even chimed in. “Don’t forget fantasy sports,” I said. “Or golf – you’re a casual golfer.”

When it came to my turn the pen remained still in our financial advisor’s hand and the room was silent. Continue reading


Still Becca


It’s only been a lifetime since I updated Of Pots and Pens. When I let the domain expire about a year ago I got several emails from people (mostly those who find the blog via Pinterest) who just NEEDED that baked apple crisp recipe.

It’s nice to be wanted.

So I kept the domain alive but never got around to updating the blog because – if you haven’t heard – life is eventful. In 2015, we started our own business and conceived a child (Baby Hanlon due Feb. 24).

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with food. If you must know, I’ve been serving boxed mac and cheese for the past year and tossing around the occasional freezer meal. Cooking – a once beloved hobby that demanded I make something from scratch several times a week – has taken a back seat. As long as we eat, I consider that a success. Continue reading

Whole wheat drop biscuits and spicy sausage gravy


Drop biscuits.

Never before was such an easy baked good produced.

The whole concept is of a drop biscuit is based on ease while producing glorious benefits. When a recipe requires you toss all the ingredients in a food processor and BOOM, it’s ready for the oven – you’ve been handed a gift. A glorious, crumbly, buttery gift. Continue reading

Chicken quesadillas with corn, black beans and feta

quesI need simple lunches. Delicious lunches. Lunches that aren’t cereal right out of the box or Annie’s bunny crackers by the handful. Both are delicious – but probably shouldn’t be a daily fall back.

Quesadillas might be my favorite lunchtime fall back for a few reasons. The main is that you can fill it with whatever you want. It’s the perfect vehicle for gooey cheese. It can be spicy or sweet or savory. It is the hot and less messy sandwich. Na, it might be better than sandwiches. GASP. Continue reading